Ones and Zeros

from by Chinese Herbal Medicine

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Track #1 on "Binary"


He called me out of nowhere. Must’ve been the first time since everything went to hell down in Mexico – must’ve been about ten years ago. Says: ‘Meet me down at Mario’s. That little place at the corner of Western and Melrose, next to the Trader Joes. I’ve things I’ve gotta tell ya, man.’

So I show up at eight and he’s already 17 sheets to the wind. He’s got five empty high balls laid out in front of him like trophies, looking at himself sideways with that lazy eye of his. We don’t say much. It’s kind of awkward. Putting down a couple drinks and exchanging pleasantries until something clicked inside him. He puts down that last one and climbs up on the bar and says:

‘Hey! I’m leaving today, don’t try to stop me now
Get away from all these ones and zeros
Hey! Gonna find a place
Away from all these ones and zeros

Remember when we’d absolve ourselves from sin way in the back of the used vinyl bins? Choose songs for our tribe and keep the others locked outside? Now it’s clickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclick and the spell is broken, man. Cause now everything’s for everyone and nothing’s for no one. They’re just drinking that binary code down deep into the lymphatic nodes. It’s all down in the nodes, and that’s just they way everything goes. ‘

Ones and zeroes
Villains and heroes
Christs and Neros
That’s the way everything goes

By then the bartender had had enough. He’s got the big guy off the door. He pulls him off the barstood and has him in a headlock and gives him a couple cheap shots in the face. While he’s dragging him out of the bar he’s looking me square in the eye the entire time and blowing me kisses while he’s giving everyone else the finger ‘cause he knows he’s never going to see me again.

I saw him waving far in the distance - think he was missing a tooth – and a vision swept over me. Of rape and looting in the streets after the whole thing comes crashing down. Cities engulfed in flame and rage. Ashes and mayhem. Dead bodies stacked in piles to the heavens. And I never saw him again.

And as he faded away into the sunset, I could see he was missing a tooth and I was overwhelmed by a vision of the end when the entire world comes crashing down to its knees. Bodies piled in chard. Death and destruction, rape and looting in the streets. My children led away by the hand of Satan. And it was revealed to me that the world was split in two. And I never saw him again.


from Binary, released November 6, 2015
Phiiip - vox/guitar
Andrew - bass/vox
Thom - Drums, perc.
Warwick - guitar/vox




Chinese Herbal Medicine Los Angeles, California

CHM is 4-piece rock band in Los Angeles. Thom - drums, Philip - guitar and singing, Warick - guitar/singing, and Andrew Bass/singing

Their self-titled album was recorded over a weekend at a warehouse that holds animatronic dinosaurs, adding one of the most unusual vibes in the history of rock and roll.
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