Chinese Herbal Medicine

by Chinese Herbal Medicine

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Recorded at dinosaur warehouse April, 2014.


released May 3, 2014

Philip Golden - guitar, singing
Thom Furtado - drums, singing
Zac Shaw - bass, singing

All songs by CHM except "The Killing Moon," by
Will Sergeant, Ian McCulloch, Les Pattinson, Pete de Freitas, 1984.

Tucker Robinson engineered/mixed. Ian Sefchick mastered




Chinese Herbal Medicine Los Angeles, California

CHM is 4-piece rock band in Los Angeles. Thom - drums, Philip - guitar and singing, Warick - guitar/singing, and Andrew Bass/singing

Their self-titled album was recorded over a weekend at a warehouse that holds animatronic dinosaurs, adding one of the most unusual vibes in the history of rock and roll.
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Track Name: Spine
You've been upright for all this time
Don't look down now, everything is fine
Stiff upper lip and hold the line
With your spine
Track Name: Corpus Callosum
I've been, you've been, we've been talking
About the problems, but not the solution
I was talking about evolution
I'll bring the liquor and you bring the guns
I'll keep the daughters and you keep the sons
It's time we finish what we've begun

Talking about a two state solution
Red and Blue, baby
Two states, baby, me and you

I've been, you've been, we've been crying
Crying foul, but nobody's trying
Trying the knot to see about untying
You keep your bibles and the NRA
I'll have New York, SF, and L.A.
We'll call this a holy day!

No one knows what they're supposed to do
I know you don't love me, and I don't love you
Track Name: Heart
Did you wake up on the wrong side of the generation gap?
You've been drinking, you've been thinking all night
But you just can't get your head around that crap
Your hair was down to your shoulders
It was just the other day
And now it's thinning and your mind is spinning
And it's all fading to gray

And it's all just slipping away

Move it on over cause you know you can't be part of the scene
Your promises are broken, but your heart is still 17
I'll play just three chords so I know that you'll know what I mean
Your life's not over and your heart is still 17

Hey, my friend, haven't seen you in so long
Did someone put you up on the shelf?
That's already, don't take it so hard
I don't get out these days myself
Remember when we spent all night making that feeling stay?
Now the days are long and then nights are short
Just keep those (suicidal) thoughts at bay

And it's all just slipping away

Move it on over, cause you know they don't care what you've seen
Your promises are broken, but your heart is still 17
I'll play it dumb simple so I know that you'll know what I mean
Your body's getting older, but your heart is still 17

17 - we knew we'd be young forever
Quarantined and dumb
17 - you know we didn't know a goddman thing
Thought we knew everything

Your life's not over and you heart is still 17
Track Name: Pancreas
I got drunk and I kicked the dog
Now the dog's gone too
And I'm stuck her and lonely without you
Track Name: Spleen
Imagining the time going past
And all the reasons you had to hold on fast
Imagining the sands dripping into the glass
Track Name: Shins
Kick me in the shins
Track Name: Hamstring
Keys - David Baker